About Us

ModaCircle is the centralized global resource for the fashion and beauty industry.

At ModaCircle, we strive to be the premier professional networking site for the beauty, style, and fashion professional, as well as, for students and fans alike.

ModaCircle provides

  • A centralized platform for individuals to
    • Post your resume when looking for job opportunities
    • Build your professional identity within the beauty and fashion industry
    • Display your work via photos and videos
    • Ability to collaborate with others on beauty and fashion tips
    • Keep up to date on the latest beauty and fashion trends
  • Provide businesses in the fashion and beauty industry
    • To post job opportunities when searching for top talent in the industry
    • Collaboration with other industry leaders
    • Expand and promote your business by creating a ModaCircle business page and events
    • Scheduling appointments with the ModaCircle app
    • An additional channel to sell and market your fashion and beauty products
  • Sharing and collaborating on the
    • Latest fashion and beauty news
    • Tips and tricks
    • Beauty and fashion trends and events

ModaCircle’s vision is to provide a global unified industry specific online solution to fulfill the beauty and fashion industry’s most critical business needs which is to enable the beauty and fashion professionals to network with peers and customers.

Lastly, ModaCircle gives back to the community through volunteer groups/events, supporting non-profit organization, and through donations in order to help those in need and to contribute for the common good.

ModaCircle finding fashion and beauty in everything we do.